Monday, March 26, 2012

Picture This: 18 Months

He's 18 months. 1 1/2 years old. I saw the pictures and bawled.  He's so big. And I'm really pregnant. So I bawl often. But I think I would have bawled pregnant or not. How did he grow up so fast? He used to just lay there, helpless. Now he's chasing people with sticks. 

(Photos courtesy of DeEtte Rustemier)
My little man loves sticks. He loves to be outside and if he's not outside - there better be a really good reason. I usually cannot think of a good enough reason - so out he goes.

He loves applesauce, Granddad's popcorn, cheese and spaghetti. He's tolerating bananas now which is wonderful! He IS a monkey after all, moneys need their bananas. He also, strangely, loves peas. (Maybe you could learn something from him, Uncle Luke!)

He jabbers all day long. Applesauce, balloon, Addy, popcorn, socks, shoes, ball, dada, Oooooo (I think it counts!), and duck are his favorite words to say. He says Looooo for Uncle Luke and Cawr for Aunt Cara. Which is upsetting because he's only met Luke and Cara a small handful of times and I carried him in my belly and then care for him on a 24/7 grueling schedule and I only hear mama when he's very, very upset. That stinker. He signs most of his words, please, thank you, more, all done, outside, puppy, baby, sleep time, dirty diaper, and many, many more.

We haven't won the battle on the pacifier yet and probably won't fight it until after he's adjusted to his new baby brother.

He sleeps like a rock star. Naps from 1-3 almost every day. Sleeps from 7:30-7:30 almost every night.

His favorite person to see pull up in the driveway is his Granddad. If you tell him Granddad is coming, he gets his shoes on and stands at the door waiting.

Sticks are a serious hobby. Its a crime in his eyes to walk by a stick and not take it home. We have a lot of sticks. And rocks. He believes all rocks are meant to be thrown into the pond. The pond is a 2 feet square shaped hole filled with water where a fountain goes. Its also where rocks go.

Adam is not afraid of worms.

He's a great help with the laundry too. He's in charge of loading the washer and putting the clothes from the washer into the dryer. Mommy is so proud of him. Mommy can't bend. So this is a big help!

Sesame street is another favorite. And its our special time together since I'm on butt rest. Otherwise we have a pretty strict no TV rule.

He gives lots of kisses and hugs. He checks on his mommy a lot and gives high hives. He's so precious. Amazing. No words - but that doesn't stop me from talking about him constantly.

He's going to be a wonderful big brother. If he loves Matthew half as much as he loves Addy - we're set!


  1. I love the pictures! They DO grow up so fast! He is so big! SO big! And so wonderful! Sticks, and rocks, and worms, and that adorable hair! I love it!!! I love that he checks on you! And high fives are the best (next to snuggles of course!).
    He is just precious, and those pictures, nothing short of amazing =)

    1. Thanks! He's an easy subject I imagine. He's cute no matter what!!!! :-) I MAY be a bit biased.

  2. Wonderful!!! I hope everything goes well for your delivery, I'm an April baby so I'm rootin for it too :) So glad you're blogging and I really appreciate your help and advice about our son. We've (kinda) figured some stuff out- I think he has environ. allergies (mild) and night terrors. Also a real *need* to nurse back down to sleep whenever he wakes up. I've been working on burping him as much as possible during the night which seems to help. Also he has been mildly anemic for awhile and we're finally getting the supplement into him (it's been about a week) and we've already seen signs of improvement. Thanks again, you rock.

    1. Ugh. Allergies aren't fun and neither are night terrors. Hope he grows out of BOTH soon. Glad you're seeing some improvement! Hopefully you're all sleeping more now!