Sunday, March 11, 2012

I'm in a Glass Cage of Emotion!

As I told you all in the last post - I'm at the "boil some water, she's in labor!" stage. I'm also in the everything makes me tear up stage. Everything annoys me stage. Everything is so wonderful stage. Everything is awful and I'm so pissed off stage. Everyone better watch out stage.

Since my last OB appointment at 34 weeks I've been on modified bed rest which I call butt rest. Basically I'm taking it very easy. I limit the amount of stairs each day. Limit the lifting of my toddler. No housework. I stand only to cook. Grocery shopping on a scooter works, but too much walking leads to contractions. I have help come over each day to do the things I can't and to keep my toddler entertained and outside, away from the TV.

22 more sleeps until I meet this baby! And I need every last day. This baby is already being born a week early - 39 week c-section. Plus, the longer he waits to be born, the easier he'll adjust to life outside the womb without any intervention. Things like maintaining his temperature and his blood sugar. Time for the suck reflux to be in high gear. Time for him to mature enough to be able to maintain his weight. Things that aren't the end of the world - but make such a difference when you come home with this new little stranger.

But the biggest reason of all....
The birthstone for April is a Diamond. :-)

So as we poke closer to D-day. So many of my friends and family have asked how they can help. Many are already! My neighbor and wonderful friend, Stacy, comes over once a week to watch Adam and do laundry. My dad is coming over twice a week to take care of Adam. He vacuums, walks the dogs, and does the dishes before he leaves. My mom is headed up next weekend to help freeze more meals, clean closets and bathrooms and scrub the freezer/refrigerator. Women from church have taken Adam for walks and also entertain him so I can continue incubating. Aunt Linda has accompanied me to OB appointments and taken care of Adam also.  My amazing husband.... He's pulling all the extra weight. I am still able to make all the meals, but when he's home, I'm in bed or on the couch. He's mom and dad all wrapped up into one. 

When I was pregnant the first time, I didn't have to ask for as much help. (My parents might not agree...)  I didn't have the need, really. It was just Andy and I. But now, things are tougher. So here is my list for ways family and friends can help now and after the baby is born. 

1) Dogs. Take the dogs outside or if you're really ambitious - take Addy for a long walk. 
2) Trash. Empty all trash from main level. (Kitchen, Laundry Room, and Powder Room)
3) The dreaded dishwasher. It always needs unstacked or stacked.
4) The never ending laundry. When a newborn invades, there are always piles of laundry. Things need to be folded, carried up stairs, put away, carried down, sorted, washed, dried. Oh Laundry.
5) Is it May and my Easter decorations are still up? 
6) Take Adam for a walk in the stroller or play with him outside! In fact, make Adam the first person you say hello to when you come over. 
7) The floors. If you really want to score points, vacuum the floors and/or use the steam mop.
8) Hit the grocery store in Omaha for us. (Don't worry, we'll reimburse you!)
9) Bring an MSPI meal or snack. This is daunting for many. But its not too bad. I have tons of recipes and websites for reference. 
10) Tell me how awesome I look. :-)

Because this is another C-Section - a major surgery - there will be some major recovery time. With Adam, all I had to do was carry a tiny 8lb baby around. It was really doable. This time, however, I won't be able to lift my 24 lb toddler. Or get up and down off the floor with him. Or really do much of anything until my incision heals. It won't take long to heal - but there will be a few weeks of limitations. So consider this my SOS. I promise to be recipitus-ious-ness-able? (STACY! What's the word!!!!!) 

Last night my amazing friends came over for Game Night. We partied like rockstars with our popcorn and other mspi friendly snacks that everyone brought! (See? Aren't they amazing!?! - Of course, I did threaten them with death if they showed up with cheese...) It was so much fun and I soaked up the together time! 

I plan to make the most of the next 22 sleeps. "Sleeps" really is the wrong word for this. Who the heck sleeps at 36 weeks pregnant. 


  1. Only 22 "sleeps"?!?!?!?! YAY! Little Matthew will be here so soon! Good for you for posting what people can do to help...that is definitely helpful for others and for you! You are one smart cookie!
    Keep taking it easy momma and incubating that little peanut! It wouldn't be the end of the world if he came now, but yeah, you definitely don't want him to if you can help it! Do you know how big he is now?

  2. I can take care of 1-8 and 10! And you forgot 11. 3AM feedings


  3. hang in there mama! honestly i found that baby #2 was a piece of cake! you will master being a mother of two in no time!

    good luck and happy sleeping - errrr...trying to sleep for the next 22 days if lil matthew lets you!