Friday, March 23, 2012

10 days until Done. Your baby is cooked.

Do you guys have those digital probe thermometers? I have one. It tells me how long until my meat is done. And then it tells me its done. AND THEN if I don't take it out of the oven - it tells me how I'm overcooking it.

Yesterday was pretty exciting. I started getting waves of stabbing, excruciating pain that caused me to lose my breath, search for my breath, breathe, and then call the doctor.  The pain was coming about 7 minutes apart and lasting about 45 seconds. After the 4th wave, I got a hold of my OB. Then my husband. Then Aunt Linda to take care of Adam. My OB's said office to prepare for my C-section that day. My aunt is my OB nurse. I liked her advice the best, "Its going to be ok honey. Just go brush your teeth but don't you dare swallow a drop of the water." She's my boss.

I was greeted at Labor and Delivery by a nurse. "Are you Sheila?"
"Yes, I am. I'm here to be assessed and then I'm going home. I won't be staying."

I was hooked up to the monitors and computers so that my OB could monitor me from her office. I had about 6 contractions in the 50 minutes I was hooked up. Those contractions weren't painful and the baby responded nicely to them. I was given medicine that would stop the contractions and sent home within an hour and a half of my arrival. And so far the medicine is working! YAY!

I would like this kid to cook for 10 more days. That's a long time in baby land. He'll be happier he did too. I tried telling him this. I tried telling him that April is a diamond month too. He refuses to listen to me!

Other exciting things around here: THE FORT! THE COOLEST FORT EVER!

Andy and Adam have a fort they constructed in the basement. It looks simple on the outside, but I'm assured its a magical kingdom on the inside. And pregnant moms are NOT allowed in.
St. Patrick's day came and went. But not without us celebrating! I figure I'm 1/3 Irish. I was asked how I figured that. I used Irish math. I'm a 1/4 Irish because my mom is Half Irish. And the rest is from my dad because I'm told he's a bit Irish too. So, that makes me 1/3 Irish. Which makes Adam 1/6 Irish. Which means we had to celebrate. Adam and I weren't into the Guinness Bombs or Green Beer this year. But we did cook up some Corned Beef and Cabbage, Irish Soda Bread, and Dana's Brownies. (Click on Dana's Brownies for the MSPI-Friendly recipe!) Aunt Cara gave us her super, secret family recipe for the Corned Beef and Cabbage and Soda bread! We made the soda bread MSPI-friendly by subbing rice milk with vinegar for the buttermilk. Remember - 1 cup nondairy milk + 1 Tablespoon Vinegar = buttermilk. 
It was so fun! Mom and dad came up to eat with us. Then, mom scrubbed my toliet, my shower, picked up, cleaned up, organized. This is love, she told me. She's so right! 

The Easter Bunny dropped off an early present for Adam this week too! Adam loves Elmo. And he loves to read! And the Easter Bunny knew this and brought him an Elmo Chair for his reading station. The chair spins when its not sitting on plush carpet. It makes some noise too. But I found the off switch. And Adam loves it whether Elmo is squeaking at him or not. 
Does your house look like this? I need a sign. CAUTION! TODDLER AT PLAY!
But its worth it. Makes everyone so happy. Here are my boys. Luckiest Girl in the World I am. 


  1. Awww! Yes!
    My house looks like that too for sure! Signs are a great idea! LOL!
    Your corned beef and cabbage looks delish! Nice work!
    Keep cooking baby Matthew! So glad that the meds are working! Momma wants some diamonds for her momma birthstone jewelry!!! Keep up the good work momma! 10 days and counting!

  2. That's right, the fort is NO GIRLS ALLOWED!

  3. That's right, the fort is NO GIRLS ALLOWED!