Sunday, July 10, 2011

Another Mom's Milk.

Goodbye Medela Symphony Pump.

Goodbye Medela Pump in Style.

Its over.

I'll continue to nurse, but I'll have to offer at least 2-3 oz of formula after each nursing session.

ON THE BITTERSWEET SIDE... Let me introduce you to Megan. (Click on Megan to read her story.) Megan is one of my bestest bestest friends in the whole world. We share the same birthday.  We both had blonde hair until I died mine brown, but I've bleached it back - so now we both HAVE blonde hair. We both adore pugs. We both got pregnant at about the same time. We both obsess about breast milk and breast feeding. Megan has twin girls. Two beautiful, healthy, amazing, smart, charming girls. And she nurses them when she can and pumps when she can't.

I won't lie... To listen to Megan talk about how much milk she produces in a day is like being on a strict diet and watching someone eat an entire chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate curls and chocolate ice cream, and chocolate wonderfulness.

Megan also has a huge heart. She's cheered me on through the trials and tribulations of breast feeding. And is fluent in my saga. (Click here if you want to be too.) Now that her girls are 9 months old, she's producing more milk than her girls need. So, each Wednesday Megan loads up her little cooler with breast milk and hands it over to me to take home. Are you shocked? Another mom's milk?

I guess some people would be weirded out by it. And while everyone is entitled to their own opinion and reaction - I challenge you to think like a parent and not a pervert... What if there was no formula? Remember that? Remember when there was no formula? Probably not. It was a LONG, LONG time ago. But its a true story! (There also used to be no running water or electricity too... but I digress!!!) Moms who found themselves in situations like mine found themselves a wet nurse. Someone to nurse their baby because they couldn't. Breast milk is best. There's no denying that. Formula is fine. I've had to use it from day one. But breast milk is alive with enzymes and immunoglobulins and all sorts of specific nutrients that a baby needs that can only come from the breast.

So, when Megan offered her breast milk for Adam, I humbly accepted it with so much gratitude. I know Megan well. I even seen her medicine cabinet! :-) She's a non smoker. A non drinker. Her worse offense is a serious sweets addiction. I think Adam is enjoying the sweeter milk!

I decided to write about it because I'm proud to be giving her milk to Adam. I'm not ashamed of it. I don't think its weird. I don't think its perverse. I made the decision carefully and deliberately. And I thought, just maybe.... someone out there needed to hear that.

Birthday Buddies!

Megan: Andy and I are very grateful and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We love you!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Me, my family, my mountains!

Back in June, we loaded up the car  - Wait. Let's start over. We crammed everything we possibly could into our Honda Pilot. Toys, Baby Food Cooler, Baby Supply Crate, Toy Bag, Pack and Play, Stroller, 2 Large Suitcases, 2 Diaper Bags, Portable High Chair, Mother-In-Law and said Mother-In-Law's 2 very small bags.

Off we went! Estes Park - HERE WE COME!

Heidi, my mother-in-law was assigned with the most difficult task of all. Keep that baby entertained for the duration of the car ride! We split up the trip on the way there and stayed in North Platte. Adam did great in the car. And did OK for the overnight in a strange hotel in a strange bed.

We stopped in Loveland, CO to hit up the Coach Outlet and the Gymboree Outlet. My partner in crime, Megan, had a special request to be filled at the Coach store. And so did I! A special thanks to Heidi, who bought part of my new Coach bag as a birthday present!

My Mountains
Finally, we arrived in Estes and met my Father-in-Law, Lyle! I love the mountains. I love them so much that I call them MY mountains. I don't think they mind.

We checked in at our cabin and received a great surprise! The one bedroom cabin we had originally reserved was under construction. Would Andy and I mind switching to the three bedroom, two bath cabin with washer and dryer instead? Um, NO PROBLEM!

We walked up and down the streets of Estes, buying souvenirs, chocolate,  and popcorn.      We took a day trip up Trail Ridge Road. Andy and Lyle held their breaths around the sharp turns. They would look down the side of the mountain, thinking the worst, talking about how dangerous this road is. Adam and I sat in the back seat rolling our eyes and smiling! (We were very glad that WE didn't have to the driving!) There was so much snow at the very top! In fact, there was so much snow that they had JUST opened Trial Ridge Road for the season. (A full week late!)

We tried to hike around Bear Lake as it has a paved path around the entire lake making it great for a stroller, but the lake was still partially frozen and the path still snow packed. A park ranger stopped me and said, "Don't take that baby in there." We didn't argue!

Instead, we headed over to Sprague Lake! Sprague Lake is GORGEOUS! The views around the lake are majestic and breathtaking!

Growing up, Andy and his family came to Estes Park each year! Everywhere we went was another story! Remember the time when Jon and I hiked around this mountain and found this resort. Remember the time, I got to ride the trolley into town all by myself from the cabin? Remember the time, Hannah would ride the horses every year even though years later she would admit how much she hated it! Remember the time Dad said he would climb that mountain? Remember the time... Much has changed in Estes since the original Dokulil Family started going. But still, much hasn't. Laura's Fudge shop is still there. Everyone went home with pounds of chocolate in the car and in their tummies!

One Night, Andy and I went on a date night! Lyle and Heidi took care of Adam while Andy and I went out to dinner at the Dunn Raven Inn and saw a movie, The Hangover II. Our first movie in over a year. Where has the time gone?!?

We took loads and loads of pictures. For all the pictures, go to

It was a wonderful trip. Every time we're there, we start scheming ways we could stay up there forever. But reality set in and it was time to cram everything back in the car to head home. This time, Heidi rode home with Lyle. With no one in the backseat to entertain Adam, we were sure nervous that it would be a terribly LONG trip home. We made plans to stay the night again half way to make it easier. But Adam had other plans. He took a long nap and entertained himself so nicely that we decided to do the whole 9 hour trip in one day. He. Did. Great!

Grandpa Lyle and Adam
We are looking forward to making Estes Park a yearly thing just as it was for Andy in his childhood.