Monday, September 3, 2012

Try 2 Remember.

Happy Birthday Adam! You are two. You are two YEARS old. Remember when you were just this bump in my belly? You squirmed and kicked me and made my hips feel like they had been hit by a train.
Remember when you were born? Daddy and I drove to the hospital holding hands. I don't know who was more nervous. We knew something huge was about to happen, and we had heard rumors that this event would forever change us and our life. Oh, it so did. In the best ways. In the most amazing ways. 
Remember when I held you for the first time? You snuggled up on my chest with your body still curled in the shape of the womb you had just left. We spent hours staring at you and at each other wondering what in the world we were supposed to do with you. You were so small. So helpless. We were convinced you were made of glass. 
Remember when you came home with us? We walked into the house like zombies and you cooed and stretched out your hands to the sky, well rested. We took turns feeding you because you were quite the challenge to feed. We introduced you to your puppies, your room, your house, your family. 
Remember your first Christmas? You were the life of the party!

Remember your first tooth? Well, its probably best you don't.

Remember when you ate sweet potatoes for the first time?
Bananas were better.
Remember when you started crawling?
Remember our first very early morning trips to the park?
Remember our first family vacation? 
Remember your first steps? You teetered and tottered around and around. You practiced all the time. 
Remember your first birthday? You have so many friends and family! They love you so much. We had a huge party to celebrate your first year with us. 
Remember your first time trick or treating? You didn't quite know what to think! So, we decided to trick or treat at 2 houses and turn around to come home. Even kicking and screaming, you were the cutest monkey we ever saw!
Remember your first snow? We played while daddy sat inside too chicken to come out with us. We laughed at him and rolled in the snow. You fell a bunch because the snow was so high. But it just made you laugh huge belly laughs. 
Remember when we made big messes together? 
Remember when we took field trips?
Remember your first hair cut? Ugh! I do. I didn't want to cut those curls. 
Everyone told you what a pretty girl you were. Don't worry, I smacked them down. Mostly, it became a battle to comb it and wash it and we decided you might be happier boy if we chopped it off. I still have some of it. 

Remember when you became a big brother? We read up on how to ease the transition. We talked to the pros. We watched you march into the hospital room where your baby brother was waiting and give him the biggest hug. You took to brotherhood immediately and never did we see a jealous moment. Brother Matthew is so lucky to have you looking out for him. You give him your binkys, your toys, your food, your milk, your clothes, your blankets. You hold him so gently. You try to carry him around but I always stop you. You are so careful. You worry when he cries. You laugh when he laughs. You tell him stories and secrets. You are the first friend he'll ever know.
Remember how much fun we have in the kitchen together? You are such a chef! 
Remember when we tried potty training? Well, we're going to try again. I think the puppies might have you trained. Every time they go outside, you squat next to them and sign "potty".  If only grass training were an acceptable substitute to the potty chair… 
Remember when you were one?
Now you are two. 
And it went too fast. 

This two year old I know loves the words: No. Mine. Me. Big. 

He's a handful. He's fast! He's smart. He's kind. He's funny. He's my baby. 

He loves brownie pie. Barbecue anything. Milk. 

He watches Sesame Street and giggles at Elmo. He loves the All Aboard Potty Signs DVD and the train. He knows all the signs. 

He only wants to be outside. 

He asks where his daddy is all day. He pretend talks on the phone to Papa. 

He has a love affair with shoes and only will sleep if the shoes are on his feet. 

Oh, Adam. You're two! Don't grow up too fast. I don't think I could take it. 

Here's to the birthday boy!
 To the best little two year old a mom and dad could ever ask for. 

Mommy loves you, Adam.