Sunday, April 1, 2012

How I reached solid ground

I'm about to deliver my 2nd son tomorrow morning. And in this huge heap of hormones, I found myself looking back  through all my photo albums. My little trip down memory lane. And I couldn't help but smile the entire time. This is my life. I didn't think I'd ever reach solid ground. I didn't start out my 20s on a path remotely close to it. Somehow, through God's grace and love - I made it. So here is my post of pictures. Here is my testimony. One thing led to another - and before I knew it... Here I am - hours away from meeting Adam's little brother, my child.
And I hit solid ground. 
I was a rock-star. I still am. I'm just on sabbatical. 
I had a band. The Sheila Jones Band. 
A friend of one of my guitar players invited his friend to come hear us play. 
His name was Andy. I had met my true love. 
And I hung on tight. 
We traveled.
And traveled.
And then... 
He made me his wife. 
He showed me parts of the world I never thought I'd see.
To the top of the world.
We had grand plans.
But there was so much to do first. 
Places to go. Places to see.
Our love sustained us through tough times and good times. Even times on a bridge overlooking a raging river during a flash flood.
Our love also somehow convinced me to jump of cliffs for this man. And I learned that I don't enjoy zip lining.
Some places required horses.
Some required couture for opening night at the Met.
But it was always just the two of us.
We stuck together through the Pig Flu. 
We were one big happy family.
But something was missing.
There was so much to do! We had shower...
after shower...
after shower...
after shower...
Andy decided we needed a house fit for a family. Just in time.
Adam Jones Dokulil was on his way.
And we hit solid ground.
Things that mattered before didn't matter now. 
Andy and I watched in amazement at the gift we'd been given grow.
And grow.
And grow.
And grow.
Adam needed to see the world too.
He was up for the journey.
Even if it was just the backyard.
Then all of the sudden 11 months had gone by since Adam arrived.
Then a whole year.
Little did everyone know... We were about to do it all over again.
But not without a party.
And a little cake.
And a little more travel.
A little bit of silly.
A whole lot of fun.
Time was flying.
And one thing had led to another.

And here we go again...