Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Adam and his Pie

After receiving several texts and messages and about how mean we are... I went ahead and prepped Adam a pie.

But because its 104 outside. 80 inside. My AC went out. There will be no baking of the pie until it cools down.



Monday, July 23, 2012

My life makes me laugh

Like laugh - "I can't believe this is my life" Laugh. 
Wait. That doesn't sound any better.
Like laugh - "I'm really doing this everyday." Laugh.
No. That doesn't help.
"Like laugh - "I'm doing what I'm meant to be doing."
That's better. 
I mean I'm so lucky. 

 One big happy family. Full of squishy hugs. Adam has only tried to squeeze the life out of Matthew a hand full of times. Then there was the time he stepped on his head. Sat on his face. Dropped his ball on his stomach. Kicked him.
Luckily, Matthew is on track to be a bigger kid than Adam. He'll be able to defend himself in no time! 
 Matthew already is sick of my jokes. He rolls his eyes at me. 
 Adam is protective of his toys. What you don't see is I'm pushing this car while carrying matthew and holding on to Addy's leash. When I became a mom, I grew 2 extra strong invisible arms. 
 Enough said.
 He's super Adam. Gramma Heidi made this for him. 

 Who doesn't drive the dual steering wheel carts at Lowe's this way?
 Matthew is a total mommy's man. We joke a lot about how I can't be out of sight. Secretly, I love it. Makes me feel like the most important person in the world. 
 Even when he sleeps he needs to know I'm near by. Sometimes to get him to fall asleep, I hold his hand. 
 I can't wait until its just a bit cooler out. My girl, Whitney, really gets me!
 One of our first smiles! He smiled for the first time at 5 weeks. It was a true smile. Not a "Ahh, that felt so good" gas smile. 
My crew.

My unhappy lion. Yes, I took this outfit off him, but only after taking a few photos.... 

It is SO hot out. TOO hot for babies. TOO hot for toddlers. TOO hot for puppies. Somehow I got stuck pushing Adam, Matthew and Addy in the double jogging stroller.

Not everyday that both my boys will cuddle in my lap at the same time. 

Don't let this big baby blues fool you. He means business! 

And so does he!
And so do I!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

I'm alive! I'm alive! I'm tired. But I'm alive!

Yes, I know. I took 3 months to post an update on having a baby. Get over it, ok? I'm busy! Plus, My laptop broke! And then I got a new one! And then I had to go through 44,000+ pictures. And well, whatever - I'm here now!

Really, all you want are the pictures right?

Such a tease. 

Matthew Lyle Dokulil was born on April 2nd around 9:30am. He was 7 pounds 13 ounces and 21 inches long. He was born screaming - which was the most wonderful noise. I got to cuddle with him right away. My anesthesiologist was awesome. I told her ahead of time that I tend to get really sick during and after surgeries. She popped this sticker behind my ear and I was good to go. Because I didn't get sick I was able to talk to my doctor during the closing and talk to Matthew who was a bit ticked off to be out of his womb. 

Lactation was waiting for me when they wheeled me into recovery. She put that baby right on the breast and after a few awkward head bobs, Matthew found what he was looking for and nursed until we got back to my room. 

Matthew and I did great. He got all 9s for his APGAR score and started gaining weight by the 3rd day. What a difference. Things went so smoothly. That is, until my insurance company denied the cesarean delivery. But to spare you the infuriating details - after a few appeals - they graciously decided to uphold their end of my policy contract. How nice of them. 

So, here we are. Matthew is now 3 months old. Life is great. I'm loving being a stay at home to these boys. 
Every couple of weeks I give Andy a call at work to make sure he's very busy. "Yahoo Fantasy Sports better NOT be up on your computer right now!" I shriek to him, while a baby screams and a toddler whines, and the dogs bark, and the doorbell rings. "You better be so busy you can't stand it!" 

Then maybe an hour later, I call again and tell him how happy I am and how lucky I am and how he takes such good care of our family, and how I couldn't possibly be doing anything other than taking care of this family.

Afterwards, around 4:30, I stand at the door and when he bounces into his home, excited to greet his family after his long, stressful, grueling day at the office. I declare, "I'm going to work tomorrow. YOU stay home!" 

But by 4:45, I meander away from the curb outside the house, tuck my thumb back in my pocket, drag my suitcase back upstairs, carefully unpack it, and gush to him about how happy I am and how lucky we are, and how he takes such good care of our family, and how I couldn't possibly be doing anything other than taking care of this family. 

There's been lots of exciting things happening over the last three months. But you'll have to wait. That's my cliff hanger to keep you coming back. 

In the meantime...
Welcome to the world, Matthew Lyle Dokulil. 
Mommy Loves you.

(All photos by Stacy Ideus Photography)