Thursday, December 9, 2010

I miss cheese...

Look at the date! December?!? That's how long it took me to edit the post!
Today is: April 17, 2011

I really do. I miss it. It's not the end of the world or anything... But I miss it. Almost as much as butter.

Adam Jones Dokulil is now 7 1/2 months old! I can't believe it! I can't believe how wonderful being a mother is. I love being home with him. I love how he looks at me when he wakes up and I walk into his room. I love how he giggles at me! I love teaching him how to wave and bounce and walk and sing. Life is good!

Its sure been a journey getting here! But I look back it and feel so proud of all of us. Adam and I hung in there for 12 weeks as he and I learned how to nurse. The HARDEST thing I've ever done. But he's so good at it now! And he loves to nurse!

His reflux has calmed somewhat. He's been on Prevacid now since November. I've been dairy/soy/peanut/treenut/citrus free since November also. I MISS CHEESE! I MISS BUTTER! I MISS CREAM! (But don't feel too bad for me - I discovered double stuffed oreos and other decadent treats and somehow didn't loose an ounce during this "diet"!)

We're in full swing with solids. I make all his food with my baby food maker that my brother and his lovely girlfriend bought me. I LOVE IT! My goal is to never buy jarred baby food. Its so easy to make and I enjoy doing it so why not!?! (Ok - I did buy 4 jars of baby food for our tornado preparedness kit. But that doesn't count, right?!?)

Adam enjoys bananas, pears, avocados, chicken thighs, sweet potatoes, green beans, and...... ...... WHOLE MILK YOGURT! We're just in the early phases of a dairy trial. But so far so good! He's had 1 tablespoon of yogurt everyday for the last 5 days and passed! This means I can add yogurt to my diet! It also means that he will switch to from his one bottle a day of Neocate formula ($$$$) to a one bottle a day of regular formula like similac. If he passes that - I shall go on a cheese eating binge for sure. Fingers crossed!

Spring is also in full swing! (Or, at least it was until it snowed all day on Friday.) We've been to the zoo several times already with Megan and her "honeys". Megan has twins the same age as Adam and we all have a blast hanging out together! (I know I do!)

Until next time!