Friday, March 16, 2012

Adam Had a Little Straw.

Adam no longer sits in his high chair. 
He's a big boy. 
He uses a spoon. 
Some of the food from the spoon makes it into his mouth every time. (Or a whisk if he's eating brownie batter. - Its egg free - stop hyperventilating.)

He's soooo big! 

A couple weeks ago, Adam and I dashed out of the house to meet our lovely, beautiful friend, Whitney, for breakfast! In our mad dash to be on time, I forgot to pack Adam's sippy cup with milk.

"Mom! Sippy cups are so 2 weeks ago! I can use a straw. Duh!" And then he rolled his eyes at me, picked up his glass and drank it like I would drink an iced tea. Then he started talking about the Republican Primary race.
He's such a big boy. 
Oh! And he's a big believer in yoga too.
And to just to prove that I am still in a Glass Case of Emotion - here's a video documenting Adam's first successful straw experience. 

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