Saturday, July 27, 2013

Swimming in Shaving Cream

After seeing an inspiring picture on Facebook of my friend's kids swimming in shaving cream with their nanny, I decided it looked so much fun I had to do it too! We were pretty excited. There was a pretty nasty looking cloud hanging out not far away, threatening to ruin our day. "Don't even think about it cloud!" Adam would say. With his hands on his hips. And that cloud vanished and out came the sun. Your welcome.
Ok… So maybe I didn't actually swim in the shaving cream… but my kids did and so did 8 other kids while us moms watched and hung out taking pictures and vines. Do you Vine?

If you look closely, you'll see that my kids, in true Andy Dokulil (The Dad) form, refused to get too dirty. Remind me to tell you about the time Andy's preschool teacher gave him a certificate when he finally agreed to dip his pristine index finger into a death trap container full of bio hazardous nuclear waste called finger paint. And then if that wasn't horrible enough, SMEAR it on a dead tree called paper. 
(I'm done. See? I did it. Can you please get this off me so I can go play with the windex?)
(Glad I'm only one so mom won't force me to swim in this unsanitary facial cream utilized in barbaric hair removal.)
So maybe this kid won't get down and dirty in a homemade shaving cream slip and slide, but he will eat sand. Matthew spent most of his morning eating sand at the sand and water table. At least it was clean sand.
Over the course of the day we used 3 different sprinkler heads. It was a great way to let the kids clean up!
(There's Adam in the bottom left corner. In his apron. A true chef is always on the clock.)
The Parachute was a big hit. For about 25 seconds. But an amazing, really fun 25 seconds and made it totally worth buying it at a garage sale! I hope we can do this again!
(If I pretend that I cooked this real cookie that is as big as my head, I can eat it, right?)
I had an amazing morning with some new and old friends. There were yummy snacks too. 
I hope to do it again REALLY soon!
If you really want to laugh or are related to any of these kids check out these Vines I snagged too! Each one is 6 seconds. The longest 6 seconds of your life. Unless you love cute kids like mine. 

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