Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Nap Time Narration

Let's do this fast.

Kids are napping.
Dogs aren't barking.

Keep up.

Kitchen is gone. GONE! But that doesn't stop the Dokulils! In fact, this blog address is called, "Sheila in the Kitchen". And then somewhere after having a baby, I decided there was more to my blogosphere than simply food. Kids and food. That pretty much sums up my life and passion. Oh, and music. That's a pretty big one too. But "Sheila sings in the kitchen with kids" just didn't have the same ring to it.

Anyway, off topic. And I told you to keep up!

So with no full kitchen, we've moved to the basement where there is a bar. And a sink. And an outlet. And a grill outside! So, I'm still in the kitchen. Don't you worry!  Since I'm still technically in a kitchen I can still blog. Right? Right. Good.

Here are two recipes I've made. There are no pictures because my family ate them so fast. I tried to take a picture of the left overs but then I was worried you'd never come back to visit my blog so you'll have to use your imagination.

The first one is barbecued chicken breasts on skewers. I followed a recipe from cooks illustrated. We LOVE cooks illustrated. I used to get their subscriptions in the mail but now I subscribe online. Its green! Its also way more convenient. This recipe is pretty fabulous. I cut up the chicken into 1 inch bite sized pieces and pulsed bacon in the food processor until it was a paste. Weird, I know. But keep up. They told me to do it. I made the barbecue sauce they suggested though I'm sure a bottled favorite would also be good and easier and less clean up which is something I really should have considered when making this in my fake kitchen. Especially when I'm the dishwasher and there's bacon paste stuck to my food processor guts.

Anyway, the chicken gets salted and hangs out in the fridge and then a spice mixture is sprinkled on. Then the bacon paste and sauce is smothered on. I then skewered the suckers and put them onto a HOT grill.

Go get a subscription to cooks illustrated so you can make this. Its good! Trust me.

The 2nd recipe is from Crockpot365. Here's the link:
Its called Crockpot salsa chicken. Its so good! I followed the recipe using thawed chicken breasts, a can of Rotel, whatever was left in the pace picante salsa jar plus some water that I used to get every last bit of salsa out of the jar, half a bag of frozen yellow corn, black beans. And per the author's suggestion I added something creamy at the end. Heavy whipping cream to be exact… Not a lot. But enough to make it taste rich and purty. I also added garlic powder because everything is better with garlic. At the very end I seasoned with salt and pepper, shredded the chicken, added it back to the sauce and served the deliciousness with whole wheat tortillas and cheese. The toddler ate it and even had 2nds. We'll be making this one again.

Speaking of that kitchen and keeping up… Its a family affair in the demo department. Adam has been helping daddy move things out of the kitchen, 
my dad came up to tear sh*t up,
 mom came up to see the Grandkids, 
and Aunt Linda got down and dirty and pulled staples! 
How about that?!?

Life is moving fast. Time is precious. The end.


  1. If anyone would like to come help pull staples, there are still about 300 to 400 thousand left. Some even come up very easily.


  2. Wow! You even had helpers to do demo and pull staples!
    And a grandma to nap with baby it!
    The crock pot recipe sounds very yummy, as do the skewers! So glad you are making it work in your "fake" kitchen =).
    And the pic of Adam and Matthew in the crib is super adorable...I might have to borrow that as a picture idea...=)

  3. Hey! Matthew snoozed for about 10 minutes and Sheila caught Gram with her eyes closed! True story.