Friday, August 10, 2012

Everyday… Its a-getting closer...

Blink. Adam is almost two years old. Blink. Matthew is four months old. Blink. Andy is really old. Blink. It happens fast. And everyone tells you that. But how can it be this fast? The days blur together like one of those cartoons books where you flip through the deck fast to watch the scene play out. The days are over before they've really began. I have to remind myself this sometimes. "I can't wait until nap time." Or, "I can't wait until bedtime." I can wait. 

We had some family pictures taken by the fabulous DeEtte Rustermier. I can't wait to get them in the frames! Here some of my favorites: 

I dabble in cloth diapers. I love Gdiapers. LOVE. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Andy is a wonderful husband. I really like him. Can't you tell? It takes awhile for a marriage to find balance after becoming parents. No one tells you that. But it does. You have to hold on really tight.

The kitchen project is zooming by too! Andy has just about finished the cabinet bases. Next weekend, he's going to start the demo. I'm hoping this demo phase allows me the opportunity to lose some weight.
Allows me the opportunity. 
That feels funny in my mouth. 

We're going to move the grill down to the patio and I have a crock pot. 8 weeks of grilling and crocking. Crocking… That feels funny too.
Below, is an idea of the new layout. The big one is my pantry. Moving counter clockwise - the coffee station, the stove with cabinets on either side, a corner cabinet (not pictured), the work station, then the peninsula that will sit on the sink cabinet. 
 Here's the apron sink. Hello Lover! I'm ALMOST excited to wash dishes. 

We're about 90% sure on the Cambria Torquey for the counter. Its Quartz. We love how its durable and a bit more chaos, circus, crazy, messy, kid friendly than, say, granite. And much more durable than marble. Though I do love marble. 

Here's a two-tiered pendant I'm really fond of for the eat-in kitchen area. Its from restoration hardware. Though I think I could find something bigger (30'') and cheaper. 
I'm saving my pennies for…………..
I love these. I want these. I need these. And maybe you need them too. Maybe you just don't know it yet. They're from

Adam has been cooking for us often! He's quite skilled with a skillet.  

As for the rest of our world… Its going faster than a roller coaster.

One day he will sleep all night. But I can wait. Its going too fast. Love like his - came my way.
Now, potty training on the other hand………….


  1. I LOVE the pictures! So sweet!
    I am in LOVE with your lighting also!
    And I am in LOVE with the potty in your living room, Ha!

  2. Thank you for letting me take pics of your beautiful family! I love it!! :D

  3. By the way, were you just Googling "C.Grey" when you found that sweet lighting??? ;)

  4. Great read. Once again, you paint a picture that almost makes me feel like I'm there.