Thursday, February 16, 2012

You know, You make me wanna SHOUT!

What do you guys use to get stubborn stains out? Do you soak? Do you bleach? Do you use non cholorine bleach? I need a Super Laundry Hero to come and give me a lesson. I mastered Laundry 101 years ago... I think I'm ready for Intermediate Laundry. Or Mastering the Art of Toddler Laundry.

Anyway, I'm dedicating this post to Shout. 

Recently, my mom came over to help finish organizing Matthew's room. Did I mention we're naming him Matthew? 

I had already gone through tote after tote of Adam's clothes pulling out what I thought would work. I was blown away at the amount of clothes Adam had as a tiny guy. And he wore most of those clothes too! Then I started seeing little orange stains on lots of the bibs and shirts and I remembered how we often went through 12 outfits in an hour due to his incredible reflux. SHOUT! 

Matthew's room is taking shape. He now has a dresser. (Go here for the saga!) And his clothes are starting to get hung and put away. I've been pretty determined to get this room completely done before March. I think we just might make it! 

Yesterday, the dictator, I mean, toddler decided not to take a nap. I needed someway to entertain him for the entire afternoon! Something that didn't involve the TV. Something that involved sitting. And eating. 


I took some plain whole milk yogurt and put a couple huge scoops in two shallow bowls. I added red food coloring to one bowl and blue food coloring to the other. I gave adam some paper and a couple paint brushes. Then I sat down with my chocolate cake (Thanks Connie!) and let him go to town while I ate every last crumb on my plate. An hour and half later... SHOUT! AN HOUR AND A HALF LATER! SHOUT AGAIN! AN HOUR AND A HALF LATER!!!!!!! We were ready for a bath. 

After I stripped the tyrant, I mean toddler, I sprayed his clothes liberally with Shout. I think next time, stripping him to his diaper would be wise. But whatever. He played with the yogurt paint for an hour and half and I'd sacrifice any Gymboree outfit for that amount of entertained toddler time any day.

I can't take the creative credit for this craft. I found it on pinterest somewhere. Its messy. Its fun. He loved it! The mess is contained. And it lasted an hour and a half. SHOUT! 

Stay tuned for the big reveal on how the Gymboree outfit survived the yogurt painting.

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  1. Holy crap! An hour and a half!?!?!?! That is AMAZING! I can't get the girls to sit that long period!! I was amazed at the 45 minutes I got out of the sensory play yesterday. Definitely going to have to try the yogurt painting!
    And I'm laughing at your ode to Shout! Hey, if it works, it works! I had this spray that I used years ago, it was called toddler something...I should see if I can find it. It could get out ANYTHING...I hope they still make it because we get into EVERYTHING! =)

  2. Ok I will have to steal this. I never thought of using yogurt for paint. All the other paint ideas for kids had a lot of thanks for the idea! I hope everything is going well for your 2nd pregnancy too!