Monday, January 16, 2012

Ready or Not!

Things are really cookin' here! I've got this huge bun in my little ol' oven. My kitchen has been overdrive trying to keep up with my growing appetite and my growing family.

Finding ways to entertain a busy toddler while trying to keep this said bun in the aforementioned oven can be tricky some days.

One solution has been a baby signs class. Adam and I are attending a weekly baby signs class with my cousins and a friend. He loves it.

He also loved the other little boy's pacifier....... So much so that he stole it from the little helpless boy and to his mother's horror, shoved it in his mouth.

A few days after our first baby signs class Adam has caught a really awful cold. I tried telling him that's what happens you suck on other people's pacifiers. Its a life lesson. But I'm pretty sure he'd still do it again.

Another way to entertain the beast, I mean, toddler was to take him to the Children's Museum to meet up with a great friend who has a little guy the same age as Adam. They had so much fun. He could have been there for hours. We're looking forward to going back as soon as the terrible, awful, no good, very bad cold is completely gone.
In other news:

The To Do lists are growing at an alarmingly rate.

1) Prepare and freeze as many mspi meals as possible before April.
2) Get a pedicure. like yesterday. Trim toe nails and wash feet first so as not to be utterly embarrassed.
3) Tell everyone in the world the difference between visiting and helping.
4) Buy a dresser with a changing table topper and put baby clothes away.
5) Redecorate the toddler's room so I don't feel so guilty about turning his world upside soon.  Everybody knows that a Star Wars themed room will make it all better.
6) Teach toddler how to talk.
7) Throw a dinner party before I vanish from society into a sleep deprived, frizzy, frazzy, milk maid.
8) Make a Valentine's Day wreath.
9) Eat more yogurt. Eat less chocolate chipless cookies.
10) Brush teeth TWICE a day. EVERYday.

Whew! And that's just the upstairs list.

My husband has been super supportive. Many of our conversations have gone like this:

Irrational Pregnant Lady: "I-i-if we d-d-don't get a dresser right away, then the new baby will have no cloooooothes."


Supportive, amused Husband: "We can get a dresser really soon. That's ok. We are going to need a new dresser. Might as well get one now. "

Irrational Pregnant Lady: "B-b-b-but you said you didn't want to spend ANY money on ANY thing for ANY one and so we c-c-c-an't get a n-n-new anything. And so n-n-now we have nothing for the new baby."


Supportive, confused Husband: "I don't remember saying that we couldn't buy anything for the new baby."

Irrational Pregnant Lady shoots him daggers.

Supportive, smart Husband: "I'm really sorry that you THOUGHT you heard me say that."

Irrational Pregnant Lady shoots him deadly daggers.

Supportive, smarter Husband: "I mean, I'm really sorry that I gave you that impression. We can buy a new dresser. What kind should we get?"

Irrational Pregnant Lady, "I don't know. Whyyyy do I have knnnnn-ow everything. Having to m-m-make all the decisions is ov-v-v-erwhelming."

More sobbing.

Supportive, bewildered husband, "I like this one from pottery barn."

Irrational Pregnant Lady, "You ar-r-r-en't even listening to me."

And now that I'm sure you're dying to know, we have almost picked out the baby's new dresser. Which is great news, because apparently the new dresser means the baby will have clothes to wear! 

Really, though... Everyone is pulling their weight here, trying to get ready for the new baby. 

11 weeks to go. 



  1. you are one funny lady! this post made me giggle lots!

    sounds like you have a plan for that baby before baby number 2 arrives!

  2. Hi Jenni! We have lots of plans... Now just to turn those plans into reality!