Monday, December 26, 2011

Catching Up Part I

Twas the day after Christmas and all through the house - not a creature is stirring... Because the hubster took the toddler to Lowe's and left this pregnant mom alone all morning to do nothing but lie in bed, sip tea, watch HGTV, and browse pinterest.

Can you hear the angels singing???

So, while the house is so quiet - I thought I might update you all on October and November.

I'm having trouble remembering the fall... I know it was here. I know we did stuff, lots of stuff. But its all a blur! Somewhere in there we packed up our house into two suitcases and loaded our carry ons with baby gear and headed to Phoenix to watch Andy's sister get married.

Have you traveled with a toddler? Oh, my. First Andy and I packed as light as possible into one suitcase and Adam got his very own suitcase. Lots of outfits, sleepers, diapers (cloth), sleep sacks, bottles, pacifiers, toys, books, the partridge in a pear tree. Then Andy had a carry on - a diaper bag - full of diapers for the trip, extra outfits, milk for the plane, snacks, two turtle doves. And I had a carry on - an additional diaper bag packed full of entertainment for the plane ride including three french hens. Add to that a stroller that we gate checked and stroller bag to protect the outrageously expensive but totally worth it Orbit stroller gear and four calling birds. Lastly, we somehow managed to get Adam, our two carry ons, my purse, and his convertible car seat, plus five golden rings on the plane. Thank God for Aunt Julie who flew down with us and Grandpa Lyle who flew back and helped as best they could!

We were so grateful to be able to see Hannah and Will get married... But after Adam developed an ear infection on our second day, a trip to urgent care and two exhausted parents boarded the plane to come home - we decided we'd put traveling off for awhile! 

Not long after we arrived home - it was time to trick or treat!

Andy as the milk man and me as the knocked up 50s housewife off to a neighbors bash!
Let's see - Halloween! That was fun! Adam was a monkey. But he found the whole event rather emotional and so we only trick or treated at two houses before turning around for home. In fact, we were rather lame this Halloween. We set an ORANGE bowl out on the door step and hung a sign that said, "RING THE DOOR BELL AND DIE! BABY SLEEPING!" Ok - maybe it was bit nicer than that but not much... Andy and I watched a movie and we called it a night!

You might notice I have pink in my hair. After 11 years, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer again. This was a big blow for her and all those who love her. Things seemed to move at a snail pace as she navigated through treatment options. Luckily, the cancer was noninvasive. But because our family history is so strong in the breast cancer department, and because this was a second cancer for my mom, she and her doctors decided to proceed with a total mastectomy. This would allow her to escape radiation and other long term drug therapies that carry enormous side effects and risk.  After the mastectomy, the pathology results came back showing an additional cancer that the mammogram hadn't found. This additional cancer was an invasive cancer and reassured mom that she had made the right decision. Because the lymph nodes came back negative for any cancer, mom is now cancer free and not needing any further treatment. Just rest and serenity!

I have to tell you how amazing my church family was through all this. They supported my little family here which helped me support my mom and dad there. There were tons of prayers said and I know they worked. Mom is still recovering 6 weeks later but doing great and going back to work full time this week!

My mom is brave. And strong. And ate a lot of patience pie. I love my mom.

A couple weeks after her surgery it was time for Thanksgiving! Last year I had double stuffed oreos for Thanksgiving dinner because I was nursing an MSPI child - and oreos have nothing real in them - making them safe for me to eat! So this year, I went nuts. I went pyscho cooking crazy.




I set the table on Monday and started prepping as much as could on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

My final menu included: Alton Brown's Brined Turkey
Bon Appetit's Spinach-Porcini Stuffing which I made gluten free
 My Grandpa's Sweet Potatoes
 Gravy with Cognac (made from the turkey stock simmering on the stove all day)
Mashed Potatoes
 Sue's cranberries (Sue is a chef with a fabulous blog and I make her recipes all the time.)
Libby's Pumpkin Pie 
Vision's of Sugar Plum's Pecan pie with homemade pastry crusts
 Freshly Whipped Cream
 Bon Appetit's Real Creamed Corn Pudding  which was a new recipe I tried out
 and Roasted Green Beans with Shitake Mushrooms. 

(Click on the dish and the link will take you to the original recipe!)

PLUS my mom brought her famous oyster stuffing and some rolls and a family friend, Mary, brought cranberry fluff. 

After we feasted, we reheated, loaded the car - twice - and then headed up the road to Andy's Grandparents house where we feasted again. 

I miss Thanksgiving already. 

Then it was December. That's when all heck brook loose. 

To be continued... 


  1. Holy catch up Batman! You've had a busy couple of months indeed!
    Yes, I can definitely hear the angels singing! You are one lucky lady!! =).
    AJ looks absolutely adorable in his Halloween costume, and what a great job of trick or treating he did -even if he only made it two houses!
    So scary for your mom, but glad she is on the mend and will be going back to work soon. As hard as that decision was for her to make, it must be reassuring to hear after the fact that it was definitely the right one. Such a blessing that it hadn't spread to the lymph nodes. Thank God!!
    Hehe - I remember you Thanksgiving last year and the land of Oreos - I'd have gone all out this year too if I was you! Glad you enjoyed it! Hopefully you will be able to enjoy it again next year!!

    1. The Fall really is a blur! I wouldn't say brave ... more like determined to do what it takes to keep up with the Dokulils!

  2. Ah Grams AKA MOM! You are brave. And its heck just trying to keep up with the Jones'!