Saturday, September 10, 2011

Just when we thought we had it all figured out...

You know, things have been nice lately. We're getting sleep! Like long stretches of uninterrupted sleep! 

We have a nice routine with two naps a day, play time, eat time, clean up time, walks in the stroller, giggle time.

We can even start to see light at the end of the diaper tunnel. 

Food allergies have become a distant memory.

Tantrums are easily dissolved by bursting into random song while dancing like a chicken with its head cut off. 

Things are nice. Predictable (as they can be with a toddler). Smooth sailing. Fun. Always interesting.

Its like Andy and I decided that we were getting too much sleep. Saving too much money. Enjoying too much free time. That's what I thought the first time anyway... 

Well, we did it again!!!

We're expecting Baby Dokulil the Second to arrive in the very beginning of April! We're all thrilled and looking forward to a bit of chaos again! There's a bit of calmness surrounding this pregnancy. I'm not a "rookie" this time as my doctor called me the first time. I will go hours (ok, maybe ONE hour) before dashing to the bathroom where I somehow lose my cookies and then remember that Oh! That's RIGHT! I'm pregnant! AGAIN! 

Things are so different this time around! When I was expecting Adam, Andy would rush in every morning with a chef's coat on and a delicious 3 course breakfast fit for a Queen of a small country.  He rubbed my feet, rubbed my back, he held my hand when I felt a little funny. He would proudly announce to people that "WE" were pregnant. Then he'd get this evil stare from me and soon he started telling people that "I" was pregnant. 

Now, he stands in the door way and tosses me my Zofran and progesterone before he rushes down the hall to pick Adam up from his crib, change his diaper, get him dressed (which is still a major source of contention because Andy lacks fashion sense which I hear is the 3rd leading cause of divorce), get him fed, prepare his oatmeal, and get to work before the office closes for the day. 

So, all alone, I drag myself out of bed and head for the nearest place I can toss my cookies. Splash some water on my face. Gag my way to the oatmeal. Eat a few bites. Make a face at the toddler who thinks me gagging and running from room to room is hilarious. And wave goodbye to Andy as he squeals his tires to freedom. 

Then our day starts! And its non stop and go-go and never a dull moment. No more laying in bed all day. Or being pampered all day. Now its a non stop cycle of diaper duty and chicken dances. 

And I have to say, I love it. 


  1. this post was hilarious, and oh so true!!! congratulations on expecting baby number two!

  2. Yay for a routine! Yay for two naps! Yay for play and giggle time! Boo for tossing cookies, and boo that our kids schedules are exactly opposite of each other!
    Okay, so I can totally see you running around like a chicken with your head cut off after bursting into song! LOL! You are one talented momma!
    And HA! Yeah, no pampering this time around! CRAZY how different things can be! There just isn't the time with an infant/toddler who has to be top priority 24/7 =).
    We are so excited for you guys! We love being a family of 4, and know you guys will too!

  3. I too can give that evil stare everytime I hear my husband say "we" are pregnant. For some reason, it just isn't funny to me!! :)

  4. Congrats!!!! So you had so much fun the first time around you didn't want it to end, haha. Who needs sleep? :P Well I'm glad you are feeling calm, there's so many things you'll already know to expect that you can probably enjoy the adventure more this time. Hope everything is going well!