Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Funnel Salt Cake

Yep. Funnel. Salt. Cake.


French Fries
Powdered Sugar

Dump powdered sugar all over french fries. Then dump some more because I know you didn't dump enough the first time. (Notice I didn't say "Sprinkle".)



  1. you have me curious to try this?! is this a pregnancy craving thing or this actually really good?! ha!

  2. I'm also wondering how you came up with this. Was it something you just craved or did you actually find the idea somewhere? Either way I'm still craving fries...

  3. Hi Jenni! TRY IT! I think its just really good... To prove it, I had a student with me who tried it also. Only she sprinkled not dumped. She SAID she liked it!!!

    HI Candy! Welcome to my blog! We were decorating brownies with powdered sugar monkey cut out things and my husband brought us lunch which included french fries. So there we were, french fries in front of us and powdered sugar all ready to go. I just grabbed it and went for it. Hope you got some fries!